Welcome to my website
Welcome to my website
I’m Ananda. Data analyst, engineer, entrepreneur.

About Me

I am a systems engineer that specializes in data science and analytics. I am highly skilled at identifying data insights through exploratory analysis with Python and R, building efficient visualizations with Power BI and Tableau, and automating manual processes. I am passionate about my work and solving challenging problems, particularly those that involve multidisciplinary projects. After living in the US for five years, I’m currently based in Brazil.

My background is in Electrical Engineering, and I hold a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I have completed additional certifications online to further develop my skills, including Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree and Stanford University’s Machine Learning. I also served as a mentor at Udacity’s Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree.

I have five years of experience in Data Science and Analytics and previously worked for four years as an Engineer. My professional experience includes working for multinational companies in Brazil and in the United States. I have developed challenging projects with datasets in the fields of engineering, operations, supply chain, quality, customer service, website user data, and people analytics.

In my experience as a Data Science and Analytics Specialist, I have provided statistical analyses, developed performance monitoring dashboards, created
exploratory visualizations, investigated data to provide insights and build action plans, and helped fully automate data gathering, transformation, and visualization processes. I have helped numerous managers improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions.

My skills include working with SQL databases, Alteryx, Power BI, Tableau, Python, R, MATLAB, statistical modeling, and predictive analytics.

Key Accomplishments

At The Coca-Cola Company, won 1st place at the Global Data Analytics Challenge 2020.
At Embraer, became a reference on systems troubleshooting, problems investigation, and test data analysis, performing 500+ hours of tests and 2000+ hours of data analyses.
Presented two papers at international conferences in the USA and Brazil about predicting a valve degradation based on the model data.

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What Others Say

Ananda is a very talented engineer with whom I had the pleasure to work with in 2012 at BOSCH in North of Brazil. She works very structured and self-motivated to reach the targets. At that time she was a young motivated electrical engineer working to improve processes and reduce cost at Automotive manufacturing.

Marcelo Dorneles

Senior Manager Manufacturing

Ananda stands out for her skeptical thinking, assertiveness, and quick learning skills. Her knowledge over a wide range of subjects is a potential that she knows how to explore, being capable of proposing solutions that harmonize technical aspects to business interests. In addition, Ananda is continuously exploring new technological advances, which makes of her a relevant reference for new trends.

Alan Ferreiros

Product Development Engineer

I worked directly with Ananda Ribeiro in the KC-390 program as a Flight Control Systems Engineer. She is a remarkable individual in her technical and personal skills. Ananda is a great addition to any team in any enterprise due to her adaptability, dedication and fast-learning skills.

Raphael Calvo

Principal Flight Control Systems Engineer

I had the honor to work with Ananda in Flight Controls team at Embraer. She is an excellent professional, with good personal skills, which strongly contributed for team development and to achieve project goals. She is a very determined, intelligent and dedicated person, with very good technical knowledge and insights.

João Paulo Paludo

Product Owner – Pilot Controls and Inceptors

How I can help

Business Intelligence Dashboards

If you are interested in increasing business efficiency and productivity through automated, low-maintenance dashboards, I am here for you. You will have visibility of the main issues and will identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Exploratory and Statistical Analyses

If your goal is to identify data insights, problems, and opportunities, I can develop exploratory analyses with Python and R and transform the results into practical solutions and efficient visualizations. It will help you answer business questions and make data-driven decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Transition from reactive to proactivestrategies with predictive analytics. Using Python sickit-learn I can create machine learn models to make predictions about your data, anticipate issues, reduce risks, and improve action planning.

Process Automation

Save time and resources by automating manual processes for data collection and transformation. I can help you migrate your data to cloud-based platforms to ensure automated data refreshment and visualization updates, and enabling access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Get in touch

Thank you for visiting my website. Please reach out to ask questions and understand how I can help you. You can contact me at info@anandaribeiro.com or using the form below.